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There are many ways to sign-up with GENN.cc. Just subscribing to the podcast on any of the major channels or Youtube channel is fabulous. If you prefer you can subscribe to the monthly round-up email as well below. Ultimately GENN.cc is about comprehending the complexity of the world we live in today. There are few definite answers to the many problems except they are very serious and threaten our way of life. If you can support the work in any way then (it goes without saying) I really appreciate it.

Individual Support via Patreon

For individuals who wish to support with a subscription, I have created a Patreon page (https://patreon.com/genncc) where there are tiers that hopefully suit different budgets. All backers will receive preview content and also access to longer versions of interviews. These can also be requested by backers.

Organisations / Sponsors

For organisations who wish to support the work, please get in touch at hello@genn.cc to discuss further. There are opportunities for being featured on the website and mentioned in the podcasts that reach tens of thousands of listeners per month.

Climate Friendly Crypto users

Shaping the future is very much about embracing innovation and GENN.cc is pleased to be able to accept climate-friendly cryptocurrencies: Cardano (ADA), Ethereum (ETH) and Stellar Lumens (XLM). Our crypto-wallet address for all of these is ‘genn-cc.zil’. If you can suggest other climate-friendly coins/tokens then please do and I will add them to the wallet.

Overall thanks for checking out GENN.cc and please do send feedback to hello@genn.cc or leave comments on articles or posts online. I do always try to reply.