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BOOK: COPOUT by Nick Breeze

COPOUT: How governments have failed the people on climate By Nick Breeze
Published by Ad Lib on March 2024 (paperback RRP £9.99) Order On Amazon or via any bookshop.

A must-read for all of us who care about a manageable future for humanity and the ecosystems that we depend on”
Sir David King – Former Chief Scientific Adviser to the UK Government.

‘Wry and passionate first-hand observations from the global climate negotiations – essential for capturing the spirit of this endlessly frustrating struggle’ – Bill McKibben, – Author of ‘The Death of Nature’ and founder of

Congratulations on the title. I can’t believe no one has made use of its appropriateness before!” Sir David Attenborough – British Broadcaster.

‘COPOUT is required reading for anyone relying on global action by governments to solve the planet’s climate crisis.’
Dr Alice Hill, former special assistant to President Barack Obama and senior director for resilience policy at the National Security Council.

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“Reading COPOUT, one gets a very strong sense of what the stakes are in the climate struggle. Nick Breeze makes the situation feel very real to us all.”
Emeritus Prof. Rupert Read, author Why Climate Breakdown Matters (Bloomsbury) and Co-Director of the Climate Majority Project.

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Author statement:

COPOUT is a gonzo tour of eight UN COPs from COP21 in Paris (2015) to COP28 UAE (2023). It is packed with expert commentary including on the ground interviews with a wide range of experts recorded over the course of the last fifteen years (see list below).

From the jubilant signing of the Paris Agreement in 2015 to the backward policies of the Trump administration a year later, COPOUT uncovers the widespread global hypocrisy shown by world leaders. Even today the majority of developed nations publicly describe themselves as climate leaders, while rubber stamping policies that make climate breakdown worse.

As we peel back the layers of lies and wasted opportunities, we see that the obfuscation by corrupt interests dates all the way back to the Rio Earth Summit in 1992. That is three decades of climate policy failure that now leave us dangerously exposed in a rapidly degraded world. 

I interview the scientists and activists who travel to the COPs in desperation, demanding change and who find their numbers growing in strength and voice. The decline in trust in politicians, who make great promises but never deliver on the changes needed, is what is driving a global movement reimagining the planet we share.  

COPOUT presents many of the most respected voices in the world on this issue and spells out the challenges we face and what needs to be done in plain language. 


Interviews and in the room quotes include:

Caroline Lucas MP (UK Green politician) – Interview COP21

Dr James Hansen (Former head of NASA Goddard) – Interview and quote COP21, COP25

Naomi Klein (author and academic) – quote from session COP21

Professor Kevin Anderson (Dep. Director Tyndall Centre at University of Manchester and University of Uppsala) Interviews COP21, Quote COP23, Interviews COP26, COP28

Dr Saleemul Huq (Independent University, Bangladesh) Interview COP21, COP23, COP26, COP27

Dr Rajendra K. Pachauri (Former head of Intergovernmental Panel On Climate Change IPCC) Interview COP21

Professor Hugh Hunt (Dir of Centre for Climate Repair, University Cambridge) Interviews COP21, COP22, COP26

Professor Jason Box (Researcher at Geological Survey of Denmark & Greenland) Interviews COP21, COP26

Shannon Philips (Former Minister Alberta) Interview COP21

Christiana Figueres (Former Secretary General of United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change) Interview Before COP23

Professor Hans Schellnhuber (Founder of Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research) Interview COP24

Greta Thunberg (Activist and founder of Fridays for Future) Quotes COP24, COP25, COP26.

General Tariq Ghazi (Retired General and Minister of Defence, Pakistan) Interview COP25

Sir David Attenborough (Broadcaster) Quotes COP24, COP26.

Sir David King (Chair of Climate Crisis Advisory Group and Former UK Chief Scientist) Interview COP26, COP27

Baroness Natalie Bennett (Former head of UK Green Party and Green Members of the House of Lords in the UK) Interview COP23

Dr Sunita Narain (Activist, Scientist and Director of the Centre for Science and Environment, India) Quote COP21

Secretary John Kerry (Former US Secretary of State and Climate Change Envoy) Quotes, COP21, COP22, COP26

Professor Dan Bodansky (Professor of Law at Arizona State University) Interview COP27

Professor Katharine Hayhoe (Lead Scientist at the Nature Conservancy) Interview COP27

Rabbi Yonatan Neril (Interfaith climate leader and author) Interview COP27

Professor Julia Steinberger (Professor of Ecological Economics, University of Lausanne) Interview before COP28

Tzeporah Berman (Chair of the Fossil Fuel Non-Proliferation Treaty, Canada) Interview before COP28

Professor Tony Hughes (Director of the Australian Research Council ARC) Interview before COP28

Professor Rupert Read (Philosopher, author and cofounder of the Climate Majority Project) InterviewCOP26

Blessing Manale (Presidential Commission for the Environment in South Africa) Interview following COP27

Professor Jonathan Bamber (Earth Observation scientist, University of Bristol UK) Interview & quote COP26

Don Miguel A Torres (President and Managing Director of Bodegas Torres) Interview COP25

Polly Higgins (Barrister, founder of Ecocide Campaign) Interview recorded in 2014