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About ClimateGenn / Nick Breeze

ClimateGenn is creating real-time journalism on a wide range of climate issues and its primary aim is to strive to seek depth and understanding, finding answers and possible solutions on this subject. The journalism is presented through interviews with various experts including scientists, politicians, business leaders to activists and many more qualified people in their expertise.  It can be viewed through the audio – the podcast called “ClimateGenn” available on all major podcast channels, video – via YouTube channel under the name “Nick Breeze” and via written articles as well as the audio and video on ““. 

About me:

The sole interviewer is me, I am Nick Breeze. My journey began over a decade ago and I had compiled various interviews on the subject because I was curious to find the answers myself. 

Each interview is researched, whether reading the books of authors interviewed, reading the scientific papers, or identifying themes that emerge across the series of interviews.

I started sharing these interviews online in 2012 and quickly realised that many others are also keen to find out more about these issues of our time. With this in mind, I try to share as much as I can while focussing on a pragmatic approach to how we try to envisage our uncertain future.


In 2009 I stumbled on a book called “The Vanishing face Of Gaia” by James Lovelock which was the start of my climate change investigation. My journey has led to hundreds of interviews with many of the world’s most respected scientists and other experts in the field.

My first recorded interview goes way back to over 14 years ago and, more recently, I decided to compile the work under the name ClimateGenn on the site – this site. Please be patient with me as I am rolling slowly as I earn my living through various projects and this idea has always been funded by me solely.  

In recent years I further co-founded Cambridge Climate Lecture Series (CCLS) where I produce similar content through life events and recently life-screened events globally. All the talks are recorded and you can listen to them.

Since 2014 I have been contributing to The Ecologist and other publications as well as starting the ClimateGenn podcast in early 2020.

I have been reporting on all UNFCCC COP’s from Paris in 2015 to Glasgow in 2021. This experience has also been evolving as the focus has shifted from the rhetoric of politicians to the ire and frustration of youth and civil society movements. This process tells us that politicians have not been able to respond to the climate crisis by any means necessary. The decision to act is passing back to civil society who are realising that their agency may be the key ingredient of change.

Additionally, my other passion is wine. This is where I write about wine and in recent years about wine and climate change.

Once any human understands the breadth and scope of climate change, it is hard not to imagine the multiple ways in which forecast impacts that we are now committed to and others that we do not know about, will change the trajectory and story of our existence. For many vulnerable people, this will mean great suffering and premature death. It is the plight of the vulnerable that makes this journey a community effort that transcends the human borders we fight each other to adhere to on Earth.

If you follow my work and would like to support it going forward, please visit my Patreon page at or contact me directly at