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Home » David Spratt: [Articulating &] Reclaiming the Climate Emergency

David Spratt: [Articulating &] Reclaiming the Climate Emergency

Nick Breeze

Nick Breeze

Climate journalist and host of the ClimateGenn podcast.

That was Professor James Hansen speaking during an interview I recorded in Vienna at the European Geophysical Union Conference, in 2012. In this ClimateGenn episode I speak with David Spratt, Research Director, Breakthrough National Centre for Climate Restoration in Australia, about his recent article, ‘Reclaiming the Climate Emergency’ – the links to the article are in the notes.

We discuss the origins, treatment and what next? Aspect of how do we reclaim and respond appropriately in a real Climate Emergency – much like the one we are irrefutably in.

I have also inserted a segment from this first interview with Professor Hansen in the interview with David, to better highlight how perilous the lack of action over the last decade has really been. 

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Patreon and Youtube ‘Water Tier’ members can watch the whole unedited 26 minutes interview with Professor Hansen that I have just uploaded. Given the lack off any progress on tackling climate change, much of what Jim said in 2012 is entirely relevant today.

Thank you for listening. I am currently working on the interview and article with Professor Jingfang Fan at the University of Beijing and also Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research. We discuss his research on teleconnections between Earth system tipping points and the identification of possible cascade mechanisms.

Thank you.

Reclaiming ‘climate emergency’”,  today published in English in the Slovenian journal Filozofski vestnik.

The article is also available at:

The whole issue is at:

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