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Dan Lashof | WRI Director on Biden's Climate Plan
Home » WRI US Director Dan Lashof | Will Biden’s climate policy work?

WRI US Director Dan Lashof | Will Biden’s climate policy work?

Nick Breeze

Nick Breeze

Climate journalist and host of the ClimateGenn podcast.

In this episode of Shaping The Future, we are discussing the incoming Biden administration’s agenda on climate change and whether they can achieve it.

Dan Lashof is the US Director of the World Resources Institute based in Washington and has a long history spanning decades working in environmental policy.

In this interview, Dan discusses the need for an integrated action plan that tackles the pandemic, racial inequality, and the economy, with environmental policy being a key driver of change.

He also outlines the damage caused by the outgoing Republican administration across over 100 environmental safeguards, while stressing that the challenge going forward will be in achieving a transformation of society within the timeframe that science tells us we have.

The US is a key component in global climate action and the leadership they take now will set the pace for change going forward. The issues discussed here will be the basis of a struggle that will span the next few decades of this challenging century.

Download dan’s recent post here:

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