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Sir Tim Smit | Eden Projects for the future (come the revolution!)

Nick Breeze

Nick Breeze

Climate journalist and host of the ClimateGenn podcast.

In this ClimateGenn episode, I am speaking with Eden Project founder, Sir Tim Smit about the stories that need to be told to create the future we want o to have.

Sir Tim Smit Eden Project

Sir Tim sees the now as a moment of the great revolution that is emerging from what he calls the new green enlightenment. With world leaders of low-calibre and backward thinking, it is right to ask from whence will these great game changers emerge?

If you have just got your head around exponential climate change then why not have a go at exponential biosphere healing? With 20th century style aggression erupting in Europe, it will take a leap of great faith and hope to keep the lantern burning in these dark dystopian times. 

Sir Tim Smit Eden Project

Some key quotes:

i. “I am at a real sea change with Eden.”

ii. “A very rapid reappraisal is necessary of the whole world of science, of scientific research, the way it is funded…”

iii. “Our disrespect for biology has led to many of the pickles we are now in.”

iv. “I think we are living at a time of great revolution… in twenty years’ time we will be looking at this as the start of a new green enlightenment.”

v. “I know many many top business people who feel they would not like to do anything other than have a shower after they have been with many bankers!”

vi. “I have met very few leaders who are champions of citizenship. They see leadership as being about being decisive!”

Vii. “I see us a shop window on a future that is still ours to make!”

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