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Sir David King Interview - Arctic Report - CCAG
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Sir David King Interview | Arctic Briefing | Climate Crisis Advisory Group

Nick Breeze

Nick Breeze

Climate journalist and host of the ClimateGenn podcast.

In this episode of Shaping The Future, I am speaking with former UK Government Chief Science Advisor, Sir David King. Sir David has recently set up the Climate Crisis Advisory Group (CCAG) to respond with agility to the real-time climate crisis.

The first report is linked below and focuses on the Arctic as a key regulator of global climate stability and more recently, chaotic disruption.

Key points:

Jet Stream Omega Event

Johanne Rockstrum: Arctic tipping point has passed.

Are accelerating impacts at risk of outpacing action?

Scientists have mismanaged the modelling of climate change events.

Greenland ice sheet is sitting in warm air and losing ice rapidly

We are not prepared for what we are currently seeing!

We need a UN Security Council For Climate Change

Our future as a civilisation depends on a rapid response to the situation.

UK Policy on China: Timing-wise it could not be worse! The EU, China and US are all talking together.

Greenhouse Gas Removal: Build up oceans to what they used to be and we could absorb 30-40 billion tonnes per annum.

Refreezing the Arctic: If we don’t manage this we are cooked!

The CCAG Report is for Governments, Businesses and Financial operations. The time for action is now!

Sir David King: Refreezing the Arctic: If we don’t manage this we are cooked!

Sir David discusses the mantra they are trying to get into the mainstream consciousness of climate action: Reduce, Remove and Repair. The message is clear that climate is now the main issue threatening our civilisation across the globe. 

We are now crossing tipping points and the time rapid scaled up action is now. 

Sir David also suggests the creation of a UN Security Council for Climate Change to deal specifically with the international efforts of nations and regions to tackle arising issues. This connects to my interview next week with NATO and US Government Security Advisor on Climate Change, Chad Briggs. 

Next week I will also be talking to Dr Shaun Fitzgerald OBE, Director of the Centre for Climate Repair in Cambridge about how we need to flip our building infrastructure from a massive carbon source to carbon sink. This includes existing buildings and the colossal amount that needs to be built with resilience around the world to weather the tide of climate adversity.

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Download the report:

9 thoughts on “Sir David King Interview | Arctic Briefing | Climate Crisis Advisory Group”

  1. Thanks Nick… XR is right, 2025 is the date and Telling the truth, Acting on the (precautionary) Science and Citizens Assemblies are the only possible way we as humanity can save and protect some (not all) of the living world. We have known all this in quite some detail since the 1950s. We have known this since Tyndall was alive and Greta’s Great Great Grandfather in Sweden. The fundamental science was known a century ago. Things have to change from 2021, that’s now, this year. Fcuk COP we all need to get on with it. The citizens must get on with changing the societies in which we live. The political elites and kleptocrats are not going to save us, they have done nothing for 70 years except engaged in denial, obfuscation and outright lying. It has to stop now.

  2. At the risk of sounding a little flip, I am sure THIS Sir David, could perfectly mimic the other ‘Sir David’. Great party trick:)…sadly the climate change crisis seems so much more real when a man like this delivers the message. Thank you, Nick.

  3. Excellent interview, thank you. However I would disagree with Sir King’s conclusion. We are not “there, right now”. We should, but we are not. Greenhouse gases emissions are increasing, demand for oil and coal is increasing (check the data and forecasts). There is no true mind shift. Nobody is seriously talking about making any sacrifices or modifying our lifestyles. The priority remains increasing corporate profits and returns, economic growth, financial stability, and ever-more consumption worldwide. We have a deep conceptual and philosophical problem. Our values are wrong. Our education is wrong. Our expectations are wrong. Our lifestyle is unsustainable. But we don’t have the guts to look truth in the eye, or the courage to educate ourselves or renounce to anything. So reality, that is, the laws of nature, will be foisted onto us.

  4. A UN Security Council on Global Climate Change sounds like a very good idea. Maybe the UN will talk about it in a few years, form a group in a year after that, hire scientists for the next year, study for a few more, announce findings, advise governments, argue with the IPCC over percentages, get rejected by authoritarian governments, etc, etc. If only climate change would hold off while this is all worked out. Gotta go, just remembered I need to buy a new wifi adapter from a sociopathic billionaire owned shopping site.

  5. Another great choice for an interview. I hope more people that have some room in their budgets and that are enjoying these interviews can support Nick on Patreon.

  6. Collective For Climate Action CfCA

    Excellent interview again Nick, have shared this one. just for reference we are connecting up the public sector on climate using the Cross Government Climate Hub. We have seen a lot of great work being done around the UK but we know that we need to share the learning to save time. Feel free to follow or support us if you can or wish.

  7. Cassandra was blessed by a god with perfect foresight and cursed by another god so that no one would ever believe her. I have been pushing the Arctic Meltdown story for at least a decade. It’s good that somebody who gets believed is finally catching up to reality, I guess. Not only was I warning about the Meltdown but I’ve been designing and sketching out affordable machinery to reverse the Arctic Meltdown. Let’s build the prototypes ASAP! You can find them and a vast new agenda of climate change innovations at my own website, Klinkman Solar Design. Use a search engine to find it.

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