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[Preventing Human Chaos] General Ghazi | Climate As A Driver Of Conflict

Nick Breeze

Nick Breeze

Climate journalist and host of the ClimateGenn podcast.

This episode features an interview with former Pakistani Defence Minister General Ghazi. I recorded this at COP25 in Madrid and am replaying here because General Ghazi identifies with great clarity, a stage process that can lead a nation or region into conflict. 

General Ghazi also outlines the critical role of the military as first responders, when climate extremes create society wide suffering. The question is here, what more can we learn from experts in risk that can help us build societal resilience and promote cooperation as opposed to conflict in the face of a challenging future?

General Ghazi is a member of Global Military Advisory Council On Climate Change (GMACCC).

Thanks for listening to Shaping The Future – I will be posting more in this series on ‘Preventing Human Chaos’ in the coming weeks.

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  1. Preparing younger officers for climate-related conflicts and perturbations
  2. How water represents a huge risk to societal stability and what can be done
  3. Need for cooperation instead of conflict? Politicians lead by numbers so the military is well placed to translate risk into actionable plans?
  4. Military as first responders in climate chaos and can be prepositioned for disaster management despite the increasingly erratic nature of climate-driven impacts.
  5. The biggest concern is for catastrophic conflict over resources that cross geopolitical lines.
  6. Future stresses from overpopulated urban areas to pandemics and conflicts.  

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