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Net Zero Is A Trap | Dr Wolfgang Knorr

In this episode of Shaping The Future I am talking to Dr Wolfgang Knorr – a climate scientist with over 25 years working for many agencies and laboratories around the world. 

“It is not anymore about now doing something about climate change. It is now about disrupting the story of using science as a justification of delay.” Wolfgang Knorr

Currently, Wolfgang is a Senior Research Scientist at Lund University measuring CO2 fluxes from terrestrial vegetation and human activities among other things.

This conversation is to discuss the concerns that he and his colleagues have about the use or misuse of the term Net Zero and their concern that collectively we are setting ourselves up for failure in tackling the climate crisis.

The safest pathway to the future means radical transformation of our societies and yet the net zero narrative is one of incremental changes and technology that does not exist.

In this critical moment when we are expected to do what is necessary, we have instead collectively chosen to ignore the risks and lock in a business-as-usual approach.

A link to the article we are discussed is included here: 

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