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Professor Kevin Anderson – #COP28 A Big Success… Just Not For You!

Nick Breeze

Nick Breeze

Climate journalist and host of the ClimateGenn podcast.

In this climategenn episode recorded from COp28 in Dubai at the midway point between the 2 weeks, I speak with Professor Kevin Anderson about how the COP has failed humanity but actually is succeeding very well for the people running this colossal festival of carbon in the desert.

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Kevin and I discuss unexpected voices arising here at COP28, from both the Global south and the Arctic Circle, calling for urgent research into geoengineering. They claim the negotiations to eliminate carbon pollution has failed and it is their human right to have all options available to them.

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We also discuss how the IPCC has aligned itself with the heads of COP, which is essentially aligning itself with prolonged fossil fuel use way beyond the boundaries of safe climate. This is a very desperate time when even the urgency required to tackle the root cause is being ignored in favour of prolonging the fossil age.

All of this is causing a rewrite of the final chapter of COPOUT which will drive my publisher at Ad Lib Books crazy. A big thanks to them for their patience. PreOrder my book COPOUT – How governments have failed the people on climate

Thank you for listening.

1 thought on “Professor Kevin Anderson – #COP28 A Big Success… Just Not For You!”

  1. Nick, I would like to be interviewed on your podcast. I have a message of hope. I am in touch with the people who know how to regenerate the Earth’s ecosystems. How to rehydrate the land, restore the rain to arid regions, regenerate the soil, agroecology, agroforestry, etc. I have been studying the solutions for 50 years and would like to pass on my solutions message to your listeners.

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