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How Scotland’s Climate Assembly informs policymaking & citizens alike

Nick Breeze

Nick Breeze

Climate journalist and host of the ClimateGenn podcast.

Political elites in the UK have never looked more out of touch than they do today.

Despite this, in Scotland, we see a Climate Citizens Assembly that is working with experts to come up with ideas for achieving a lower carbon, cleaner and fairer society.

Secretariat Susie Townend

In this episode, I am speaking with the Secretariat of the Scottish Climate Assembly, Susie Townend. Susie has overseen the creation of the first report to the Scottish Parliament guided by experts but very much created by ordinary folks from across Scotland.

The Scottish Parliament is reviewing the report submitted by the assembly and will respond with feedback by the end of this year. This feedback will include how much of the report will be incorporated into policy, which will determine the effectiveness of assembly to impact policy.

The Scottish government gave positive signals during COP26 in Glasgow on their commitment to Loss and Damage funding for vulnerable nations. There is some confidence that they are taking the assembly’s input seriously.

This kind of informed approach, places empathy, justice, and inclusion at the heart of the policymaking process. It also acknowledges that involving citizens increases momentum towards shaping a world we actually want to live in.

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