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Home » Dr. Peter Carter: summarising the lack of “climate emergency” at #COP25

Dr. Peter Carter: summarising the lack of “climate emergency” at #COP25

Nick Breeze

Nick Breeze

Climate journalist and host of the ClimateGenn podcast.

IPCC expert reviewer, Dr Peter Carter, is the Director of the Climate Emergency Institute based in Canada.

Carter said: “What is happening to prevent these forest fires, droughts, severe storms, powerful hurricanes, floods? What is happening to lessen them at least? Absolutely nothing!

“Nothing is going to come out of this COP with regards to doing anything. That was decided on the first day. I heard, that the parties, under the control of the big emitters, made the decision that they are not going to look at any improvement of their national emissions targets.

“What do you call this? This is a terrible, terrible crime! It is unbelievable what these high-emitting fossil fuel companies are doing. Pope Francis who wrote an Encyclical on ecology a few years ago said that it is a sin against God, and very recently he said it was a crime. That means in moral terms it is evil, right?

“The countries that are blocking any progress on emissions are acting in the most evil way that anybody could imagine.

We are looking at the destruction of Earth, of oceans, and land!”

Watch The Full Viral Interview here:

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