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Dr Delton Chen | Ministry For A Living System Economy

Nick Breeze

Nick Breeze

Climate journalist and host of the ClimateGenn podcast.

In this ClimateGenn episode, I am speaking with Dr Delton Chen about his proposal for a Global Carbon Reward Coin. His proposal has been made famous by Kim Stanley Robinson in his much-quoted novel, Ministry For The Future.

In this interview Delton gives a broad brush overview of how the parallel economy to mitigate carbon would actually work and the role that central banks could play in guaranteeing its success. He also compares his proposal to other so-called ‘carbon coins’ that are out there as well as economic models that propose de-growth or circular economies.

Please do comment or send feedback. These are complex issues and the question remains whether our current economic paradigm can be changed in any way that will avoid its inevitable collapse and further destruction of the global commons.

Let’s hope it is the former. In a recent conversation with Professor Kevin Anderson, we discussed the exponential rate of change due to climate change and the associated risk. Many people are absolutely certain that we have crossed vital thresholds and are now beyond saving. Kevin was quick to point out that exponential changes can happen socially too. What if the social tipping point for change was closer than we think and the physical tipping point is still teetering on the edge?

If we don’t continue to throw everything we have at this colossal problem then we will never know how close we are or might have been.

I think that is a good enough reason to keep pushing… but not quite for optimism.

Bon chance!

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