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Home » Dr Chris Kettle: Systems Under Stress, Trees, Forests, Food + Human and Planetary Health

Dr Chris Kettle: Systems Under Stress, Trees, Forests, Food + Human and Planetary Health

Nick Breeze

Nick Breeze

Climate journalist and host of the ClimateGenn podcast.

In this ClimateGenn episode I speak with Dr Chris Kettle. Chris is Principal Scientist within the International organization Alliance Bioversity International and CIAT, one of the global CGIAR centers for Agricultural research for development. 

Links to additional work & resources related to Dr Chris Kettle:

You can also look at the institutional webites And the

Chris is leading the restoration component of the naturepositive Initiative

This recent FAO publication led by Dr Chris Kettle:

Chris leads their work globally on restoration and the role of trees in transitioning food systems.  This is a critically important episode and Chris really dives into the complex interconnectivity between forestry, biodiversity, climate, food systems  security, knowledge and so much more.  

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Actioning the knowledge we already possess in the science and indigenous communities, while taking a global instead of national perspective, has the potential to radically improve our prospects. This is the real challenge that we face today.  

Chris offers a wealth of information on both the status quo and the potential for righting the wrongs of the past to fight back and try to conserve and regenerate global forests, while supplying the worlds food at the same time.  

I do agree it will take the revolution outlined in other episodes but time is not on our side.   

In the next episode I speak to Honduran youth activist Ricardo Pineda who I heard speaking at COP28. It is a fascinating conversation that touches on justice issues and why he is now calling for research in climate interventions that could possibly save lives in his community.  

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I am also just about to edit the interview with sociologist Dana R Fisher about her new book, ‘Saving Ourselves, from climate shocks to climate action’. This is an unofficial sequel to the interview with Roger Hallam. There are parallel lines that we all need to comprehend.   Thank you to all supporters and subscribers. 

I am recording a lots of interviews at the moment and I appreciate all feedback, good and bad.  

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