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Cambridge Climate Lecture Series 2023 – Lecture 1 with Prof. Kevin Anderson

Nick Breeze

Nick Breeze

Climate journalist and host of the ClimateGenn podcast.

I am pleased to share the high resolution recording of the 1st 2023 Cambridge Climate Lecture Series talk given by climate and energy policy expert, Professor Kevin Anderson, titled, ‘From iniquity to integrity … there’s no hiding from carbon budgets’.

The series continues on March 2nd with Labour MP for Cambridge, Daniel Zeichner, discussing climate change in UK politics. It will be streamed live via and Youtube. I will be moderating the Youtube chat if you have any questions to forward to Daniel. You can also view the subsequent speakers in the series on this website.

Although I have been quiet in 2023, I have been busy shaping up several projects and will be posting interviews shortly. One of these relates to the alarming loss of snow pack in the Alps and across the Italian Apennines, which is directly impacting the ground level water supply. The question is whether Italy is going through a hydrological tipping point that could drastically impact agriculture (and viticulture!), not to mention drinking water supply.

I have also interviewed a lead author of a paper on established teleconnections between tripping points, strengthening the case for a potential cascade of tipping points. In this instance, scientists looked at how drying out and heating of the Amazon was causing an acceleration of warming in the Tibetan Plateau, via an identified transport route. I’ll be publishing more on this as soon as I can.

Also worth reading is David Spratt’s latest piece on what we know about climate, demonstrated by the numbers at the end of 2022, which offers a succinct summary:

Thanks for your ongoing support.

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