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Home » MEER | Mirrors For earth’s Energy Rebalancing with Dr Ye Tao at Harvard University

MEER | Mirrors For earth’s Energy Rebalancing with Dr Ye Tao at Harvard University


Nick Breeze

Climate journalist and host of the ClimateGenn podcast.

In this ClimateGenn episode, I speak to Dr Ye Tao at Harvard University who is head of the Mirrors for Earth Energy Rebalancing (MEER).

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Addressing climate threats

With global agriculture across the world at high risk from rising temperatures and associated impacts, Ye’s team are proposing increasing the Earth’s reflectivity in order to reduce the temperature within the biosphere.

In this interview we go into some detail about how it works, resource requirements, where it would be deployed and the pathway to scaling up.

Social response is critical Ye also highlights the need for more understanding of psychology in order to be able to align the growing numbers of people around the world who are realising that our future is in a perilous state.

By bringing people together, putting our wellbeing and safety before profit and extractive endeavours, only then do we really stand a chance of seeing these grand ideas tested and eventually deployed.

So much to lose, all to play for

A special thank you this week to Marion Troia who sent in a transcript of my last interview with Dr Tero Mustenon.

This is interview received terrific feedback and resonated with a great many people, not least myself, so I am really grateful for this support.

Thank you to all my new Patrons who are supporting this series and to everyone for listening, commenting and getting in touch.

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