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Home » Bill McGuire’s Hot House Earth [Book] – Reflections on our current trajectory

Bill McGuire’s Hot House Earth [Book] – Reflections on our current trajectory

Nick Breeze

Nick Breeze

Climate journalist and host of the ClimateGenn podcast.

In this ClimateGenn episode I speak with climate scientist & author Professor Bill McGuire about his recent book titled Hot House Earth. Bill discusses the necessity to discuss worse case climate outcomes at a time when emissions are still rising and political leaders are looking the other way.

Bill McGuire discusses his recent book, Hot House Earth

We discuss the absence of global leadership in the fight to hold temperature rise to within the boundaries that humanity has thrived for the last 11 thousand years. The rate of change means that the next 100 years, let alone the next ten thousand, really require global leadership and collective action from everyone on Earth who has the ability and agency to act.

In the next episode I speak with former XR spokesman, author and philosopher, Professor Rupert Read, and Systems and culture change strategist, Paddy Loughman, who have been working towards establishing a new inclusive cross-societal paradigm of action to tackle climate breakdown, that they call the Moderate Flank.

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